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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Graphing Spins: A New Video

A new video from Schottenbauer Publishing analyzes four spins with graphs. These include three forward spins (centered, centered with step out, and traveling), and a back spin (centered). The video is available on YouTube.

Two graphs from the video are shown below:

Discussion Questions
  1. What body part is most likely traced in the video?
  2. Using a ruler, estimate the center of each spin on its graph.
  3. How many times does the skater revolve in the first graph? In the second graph?
  4. What would a traveling spin look like on a graph?

Additional free graphs are available in a free pamphlet from the publisher's webpage. 

The following books from Schottenbauer Publishing contain similar types of graphs and data pertaining to the science of ice skating, figure skating, and hockey:

Graphs & Data for Science Lab: Multi-Volume Series
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    • Volume 1: Translational Motion
    • Volume 2: Rotational Motion (Curves)
    • Volume 3: Rotational Motion (Spins)
    • Volume 4: Jumps
    • Volume 5: Ice Hockey
    • Volume 6: Biophysics
    • Volume 7: Video Analysis
    • Volume 8: Reference Manual
  • The Science of Hockey
    • Volume 1: Force, Acceleration, & Video Analysis of Pucks & Balls
    • Volume 2: Force & Acceleration of Sticks, plus Biophysics
    • Volume 3: Video Analysis of Ice, Field, & Street Hockey Sticks
    Anthologies of 28 Graphs
      • The Science of Figure Skating
      • The Science of Ice Hockey
      • The Science of Winter Olympic Sports

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